{ Unique Design. Unique Code. Unique Functionality }

Design & Development

We bring your conceptual ideas to life through Design and Code; developing intuitive user interfaces and tailored functionality that are sure to give your clients a great web experience.

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Email Coding

We understand the importance of "The E-mail". Your e-mails have to look beautiful on every e-mail client, and be responsive for mobile devices.
We code, we test then we deliver.

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Website Management

Does your company have the need for a “web guy” on staff but can’t justify a full or part time employee?
We’ve got you covered!
We offer custom management plans to meet your company’s website needs.

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Website Rental

What is this? Perfect,
Un heard of…
Your busy, your on the move, Who’s got time to manage and built a website, so you rent one. With hosting included, starting an Online presence has never been easier.

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{ The StyleWeb Company }

Who are we?

StyleWeb Company was established in 2014. We are a team composed of Coders, Website designers and developers. We all have our specialties; which allows StyleWeb Company to excel in a multitude of technologies and platforms, ensuring that our client’s needs are always met.

Our commitment to excellent service

Our product is the result of the collaboration of many minds, many eyes and many points of view. Each of us contributes our unique expertise to define the feel, look and functionality of your web project. Learn about our web project process to get a feel of how we work for you.

Quality above all

We bring high quality websites to businesses and non-profit organizations at a reasonable cost. We are aware of the obstacles that many of us have experienced such as working with a tight budget which can compromise our online presence to the public. For this reason we are dedicated to providing excellent custom designed websites which attract attention regardless of your budget.

Meetings made easy

Communication is key; and we make it easy. (1) We schedule meetings based on your availability (2) We do physical and virtual Face-to-Face meetings. (3) We are always available for phone support. So whether you receiving web design, wed development, coding, website management or website rental services; you can be sure that we are in sync.



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Office Hours

M-F 9am- 6pm

Design and Development

Our favorite thing to do.
We design and develop unique, intuitive, eye-catching informational and e-commerce websites. Our mission is to help you establish your brand with a smooth functioning website that your visitors will absolutely love. We don't just give you a website but rather a product that is built to last with our continued support and expertise.

Website Designers welcome! Let us Code for you.
Are you a designer who has created a pixel-perfect website design (UI) that you want to bring to life? Let us work for you to develop your project! We work closely with you to ensure that your design will translate perfectly into the website that you envisioned and will function exactly the way you need it to.

We produce clean commented hand code and use the most versatile technology available to produce a product which is both flexible and works great across a vast spectrum of browsers, operating system platforms and devices.
• Animation stack (Transition, @key frames, Green Sock, JavaScript, Gifs).
• E-commerce (Shopify).

We never disclose any client information and respect all intellectual property. We are more than happy to sign a NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) form.

Email Coding

What we do.
We code from your Jpg, Pdf or Sketch. We code our html e-mails to be responsive and we test across a variety of e-mail clients (check out the full list) to ensure that your email campaigns look great regardless of the device or OS platform the recipient is using. We also design eye-catching email newsletters that are consistent with your website’s design and brand image.

What you'll receive with our coding service.
You will receive clean, organized and commented source code, and screenshots from tested e-mail clients. Also, Our code is props free, so it shows no signs of StyleWeb Company.

What you'll receive with our design service.
You receive two 100% original creative design concepts to choose from, the chosen concept gets refined for a pixel-perfect html e-mail conversion.

Html coding two-day turn around ($210) E-mail design two-day turn around ($210)
E-mail design and coding three-day turn around ($350)
Revisions with in one day after product delivery

We never disclose any client information and respect all intellectual property. We are more than happy to sign a NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) form.

Website Management

Who we are to your company
We work as an administrator to your company's website/s; managing content, maintaining your website’s performance, websites aesthetics and answering consultation questions. We use our extensive knowledge on web design, web development and web trends to maintain a cohesive design for your company's website and increase its online marketing presence.

What we administer
We perform plugin updates, maintain the website’s responsiveness as new devices appear on the market, assess the website for improvements in technological functionalities, modify templates, Adjust Visuals such as graphics elements and images, perform website migrations, add or remove sections and modules.

Supported platforms
Hand Coded, Word Press, Joomla, Shopify.

Three monthy packages to meet your needs.
• 5hr ($225).
• 10hr ($450).
• 15hr ($675).
$65 hourly rate without a package.

We never disclose any client information and respect all intellectual property. We are more than happy to sign a NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) form.

Website Rentals

What is this?
Have you ever set-up a website with a single phone call? Huh, Un heard off! Well Getting started with a website has never been easier. This is your solution to those non-flexible templates. We pre-design single page websites that contour to your content; not the other way around. Our websites are designed and developed with your business growth in mind, so today you start with a "one pager" and append more pages as needed, and you can do all of this without ever touching a computer or phone app.

How it works
You pick a stylish trendy website from our line-up. We populate the website with your text, images, logo and adjust the colors to compliment your brand. Later, as needed we can append pages to the website. One more thing, we are all about custom and uniqueness, this is why each of our pre-built websites are only rented to 3 enteties at a time.

Making it yours
So you’ve had the website a while and it’s working great for you, now you’ve decided you want to own it and tailor 100% to your industry needs. This is perfect, because 75% of your past monthly rental payments go towards the purchase of the website.

Initial set-up based on content intergration.
Monthly rental, incuding hosting and SSL Certificate $35.

We never disclose any client information and respect all intellectual property. We are more than happy to sign a NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) form.